Over the past few years, Cambodia has attracted global investors, due to the government’s push to bring economic development to Cambodia, which has caused both local and foreign investment to continuously rise.

Economic analysts and investment experts agree that the increased appeal of Cambodia to local and foreign investors can be attributed to increased security and improved infrastructure.

The Incentive Department at the Council for the Development of Cambodia, has employed a number of strategies to try to attract investment. Along with improving power grids and paving roads, the government has implemented a package of favorable tax laws that acknowledge investors’ difficulties and try to help find solutions.

In order to attract both local and international investments, there are two important strategies being implemented:

  1. Building Cambodia’s infrastructure to assure a more stable investment climate; and
  2. Creating laws that make investment in Cambodia easier and more profitable. As we have seen, both strategies are being implemented nationwide to help investments run smoothly.

Currently the majority of foreign investment entering Cambodia derives from regional countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. However, investment from Western origins is increasing year by year, due to Cambodia’s ongoing economic market stability. Due to this, Cambodia’s economy continues to develop rapidly year on year, with Cambodia surpassing most countries with their economic and GDP growth rates.