Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia

Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia

Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (FTB) was created in October 1979 as a department of the National Bank of Cambodia, at a time where there was no financial institution.

The bank has gone through many reforms of its status and is now a joint private/Government venture. The bank has received a full commercial banking license from the National Bank of Cambodia in 2005 and has been providing a full range of banking products and services in personal, commercial, and corporate segments for more than 34 years.

FTB has established and operated a number of branch network in Phnom Penh, in major provincial cities (Siem Reap and Sihanoukville) and in strategic locations. The Port of Sihanoukville branch and the Phnom Penh Port branch are examples of one stop banking service to companies that use the port facilities to export and import their products.

Since its creation, FTB has relentlessly supported the Royal Government of Cambodia’s policy in its strategy to reduce poverty by developing and encouraging the rural areas and vital sectors like agriculture, tourism, garment, energy. Our state of the art ATM using fingerprint technology recognition instead of usual PIN, along with voice guidance and icons, introduction of first prepaid VISA CashCard which need no bank account, no deposit collateral are some products that we can be proud and which are unique in Cambodia. The bank plans for the near future to develop even more this technology and these products to provide more convenience to its customers.

Strong with its experience and heritage, FTB is committed to continue to play a sustainable role in the economy of the country in order to stay the bank of choice and serve its customers long in the future.

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