Phase 1

Following the high quality planning, designed by Surbana, Phase 1 consists of 623.40 Hectares of which 341 Hectares has been divided into 13 Business Clusters which will be available to both international and local investment & development.

Our intent is to provide a contingency of land parcels which will allow for expansion and/or additional business clusters, once the initial investment and developments have successfully prospered. Our business clusters focus on key businesses with a high level of market demand. We aim to consolidate these business clusters into our project allowing for centralized zones and reduce congestion within Phnom Penh. The mentioned business clusters are shown below along with the proposed land to be utilized:

No. Business Clusters Land Utilized (HA)
1 Government City 150 HA
2 Building Materials City 30 HA
3 Logistic Hub 20 HA
4 Auto City 20 HA
5 Factory Outlets 20 HA
6 Japanese Medical (Hospital & Nursing School), Active Aging Village (AAV) 20 HA
7 Amusement Park 10 HA
8 Chinese Retirement Homes 20 HA
9 Housing and Local Shopping 20 HA
10 Transportation Hub 10 HA
11 Plant Nursery 10 HA
12 Villa Town 6 HA
13 International School Phnom Penh 5.4 HA
Total Land Utilized 341 HA