Auto City

Currently, there is a lack of car show rooms to keep up with the demand for new and used vehicles in Phnom Penh, thus we have proposed to centralize current showrooms and encourage more showrooms from brands currently unavailable in Cambodia to be centralized within our project. This will help to reduce the cities congestion created by the sporadically located available showrooms. Ideally our ‘Auto City’ shall include the following aspects:

  • Auto exhibition
  • Auto servicing
  • Auto logistics
  • Automotive culture
  • Automotive leisure
  • Automotive entertainment
  • One-Stop Chain: comparing, testing, purchasing, decoration, servicing,
  • Inspection, driving coaching, car renting
  • One-Stop Services such as car registration, insurance, loans, used car transferring, annual inspection etc.
  • Training center to provide access to certified training programs and a better future for the students