Japanese Medical (Hospital & Nursing School), Active Aging Village (AAV)

With the ever increasing aging population of Japan, the Japanese are seeking new countries to retire in or become long term holiday homes. Cambodia has become an ideal destination, due to its high-standard, yet low cost of living, numerous golf courses, peaceful lifestyle and clean environment.

Therefore, it is our intention to have a designated zone for the Japanese to not only live, but also be provided with all the medical facilities needed for them to live a healthy and happy life. Following this, the area shall have all the facilities needed to accommodate the Japanese resident’s life i.e. Japanese shopping centres, Japanese food malls, Japanese club house, Japanese food and beverage outlets, and Japanese entertainment facilities etc.

In order to further participate in Cambodia’s development, our intention is to have Japanese ‘Nurse Training School’ to enable the experienced and knowledgeable Japanese to participate in the medical training of upcoming nurses.