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  • Ing staff and japanesenational assembly members

    From right to left – Mr. Toshihide Takahashi, Mr. Keiichi Yamaguchi, Mr. Tomotada Hara, Mrs. Chizuko Hara, Mr. Hidenori Hashimoto, Oknha Lim Bunsour, Mr. Simon Vancliff, Mr. Shigeru Kannari and Mr. Viriya Meas

  • Oknha Lim Bunsour and Hidenori Hashimoto

    Oknha Lim Bunsour and Mr. Hidenori Hashimoto

ING meets Japanese National Assembly Members

On Friday the 17th of January 2014, ING met with selected Japanese National Assembly members and their colleagues in order to introduce The ING Project.